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Terms of Service

We want you to understand about your privacy, rights and limitations on Ripledd (“Ripledd”, “we”, “us” or “our”). We highly recommend to read following information, before using Ripledd!

1. Publishing
In Ripledd you can upload content about almost everything. Please read this information carefully as we will list here incompatible content for sharing on Ripledd . You completely own your content, but in extreme situations Ripledd is able to block your content. Your content must not contain any law violations, sexual abuse or other illegal sexual acting, we include also other harmful content that can bother other users. Before posting content, make sure you are not violating any copyrights. Ripledd has free speech, but we don't recommend to post any racist or too political content that can disrespect other nationalities. Majority users oppinions/reports can block your content after further investigation from our side. You are responsible for your content, comments and channel. If you notice that some user is violating our policy, you can report by pressing report button. Violating our user agreement may lead to account ban.

1.1. Fair sharing
We at Ripledd care about your feed. We want to make your feed as accurate as possible. Our new agreement includes "Fair share," which means that each channel must follow "Fair share" guidelines when publishing on Ripledd. We will restrict all copyrighted content, littering on Ripledd, or spamming. Don't worry if you use Ripledd to share relevant content for your channels; you won't encounter any issues. For example, "Fair share" impacts channels that spam links to various destinations or engage in spam advertising (please refer to section 1.2 for more information on spam advertising).

1.2. Spam advertising
We recognize spam advertising as advertising through spammy methods. On Ripledd, you can maintain channels for your brand or business and share different advertising campaigns. However, we will block all content/channels that spam links without any context. For example, we may block channels that do not use any avatar/banner/description but are sharing links to their website.

2. NSFW on Ripledd
NSFW or "Not Safe For Work" is showing user if content that he is about to view contains offensive or disturbing material. Creator may get this popup on their page if they are posting offensive or other content that may disturb some users. If you are getting that popup on your page, but still you are sure that you haven't posted any disturbing material, please contact NSFW is not permanent, once you delete offensive or disturbing content, Ripledd will disable NSFW on your channel page.

2.1. NSFW flagging
Post ---------------------------------------
If your post contains offensive or any other listed above content, it will be marked as NSFW. But there is also limit where posts can also be completely blocked, if your post contains a law violating material. While uploading users are able to set NSFW as post tag, this will tell Ripledd that post you are about to publish contains NSFW material. Posts with NSFW tag are hidden and restricted, they are visible on your channel, for people who are following your channel and through post's url. NSFW posts are not appearing in explore or other feeds. If you are sharing links to NSFW content, it is also considered as NSFW content.

Channel ----------------------------
Your channel can also be marked as NSFW. This will happen automatically from our side, once we notice your channel contains NSFW material. Channels with NSFW will show a popup message with warning before users visits your channel.

When we mark channels as NSFW?
1. Your channel is openly sharing NSFW content.
2. Your channel is promoting Adult content.
3. If there are posts with no visible NSFW content, Ripledd will not mark your channel as NSFW.

3. Advertising
Currently we don't have paid ads and there is no promotion services, but you are free to advertise your products in your posts or on your channel.

4. Account & privacy
It is very important for us to keep all your data and information private.
Ripledd keeps all your personal data and information private. Your account password that you use on Ripledd is encrypted with latest encryption algorithms, so that even Ripledd can't see your password. Ripledd will not give out your information under no circumstances. Each user has own public channel, your channel is empty by default. Channels on Ripledd are displaying user's content that they are posting to Ripledd. Your username is same as channel's. Users can always change their user/channel names. Your avatar, alt text and username are visible all around Ripledd, like comments that you write or in notifications if you lit other's content. Other public information is visible only on your channel such as your banner or about channel information.

Each action, like content or comments that you make on Ripledd , are linked to your channel. Your channel url contains ripledd @tagname, which is your username without special letters and spaces "".

If you notice that some one knows your Ripledd account password, please change your password immediately and we suggest also to contact us via

4.1. Restrictions
We have an active restriction policy for channels that violate our terms. Restrictions can be imposed in two different types. "Restriction 1" marks your channel as spam and limits your ability to create new posts. With "restriction 1," you can still freely use Ripledd, and it is not permanent. YOUR CHANNEL MAY BE MARKED AS SPAM if you repeatedly post large files or share spammy content multiple times a day. There is no specific timeframe for how long "restriction 1" will last, but typically, it takes up to 2 weeks to remove the restriction. Repeatedly receiving "restriction 1" may result in your account being banned. "Restriction 2" entails a ban on your entire account and is applied when your account poses risks or discomfort to our community. "Restriction 2" is permanent and cannot be undone.

5. User rights
Each user is the individual person on Ripledd , please respect each other rights and privacy. Content that you host are automatically available in a public url that others can share. Note: Content that you share is not automatically copyrighted, that means Ripledd is not responsible for how your content will be used by other users. If you notice that someone is sharing illegal content, we strongly suggest to report about it. This will help us to keep Ripledd good place for everyone.

6. Copyright on Ripledd :
Ripledd is open source application. Rights to use code are granted by Pixlerow foundation. All shared sources are fully allowed to use in other projects or for any other purposes. Using Ripledd / Pixelrow Ltd. as own brand is strictly prohibited.

7. Ripledd logo
Ripledd logo is also copyright secured. You can use logo in your posts, links, blogs etc. . Using this logo as official logo isn't approved.

8. Copyright infringement
Because the rights granted by copyright law are exclusive to copyright owners, you infringe copyright if you do any of these without the permission of the copyright owners — for example, if you copy or adapt a copyrighted work or make it available on the Internet. The best way to avoid copyright infringement is to make sure you don’t use anything created by anyone else. It's that simple. If you use someone else’s work, make sure you have the necessary permissions - this usually happens as a license from the copyright owner, which you may have to pay for. In some cases, you may be able to use extracts from copyrighted material without a license.

9. Cookies
Cookies are necessary so that we can use the our platform as requested. For example, they allow us to keep you logged in or/and verify your account and identify that your content belongs to you. You can see how and what cookies we are using in this list 🠻

Account cookies
PHPSESSID -> Keeps you login session active.

tmp_ses_email_entry -> Saves email for 5min during login or sign up for further pull up on errors.

tmp_ses_name_entry -> Saves name for 5min during login or sign up for further pull up on errors.

notifi_display_main + (date) -> Hides already viewed popup notifications on main page.

create-channels-display + (date) -> Hides already viewed popup/tip notifications on "create" page.

manager-tip-display + (date) -> Hides already viewed popup/tip notifications on account manager page.

10. Email marketing
For email service, Ripledd is using these emails:

Good to know: Please do not reply to non Ripledd domain emails that are using our brand. For example if you get email that is, this email may be scammers or hackers trying to steal your information.

11. Partnership
Partnership is currently limited program on Ripledd.
However you can try to ask if you want to be partner with Ripledd. Partnership means, you will become a paid creator/influencer.

Please note that Ripledd is able to cancel partnership at any time. Users can also cancel partnership at any time. If you wish to cancel partnership, please contact support. There are no refund if you wrongly put wrong PayPal email.

Not fittable for partnership / Ripledd will cancel partnership if:

1. You have channel, that looks empty and has no likes nor followers.

2. You are using fake name or emails.

3. If you are using many other spam accounts alongside with current account.

4. Your account is not active on Ripledd .

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